Individually hand sewn jewellery, heavily textured & decorated with a military & victorian gothic influence. I like to use antique & vintage components wherever possible, old linens & grosgrain layered with lace, vintage faux pearls & gems, seed beads, original military regalia, glass eyes & skulls.

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Antique cream linen with layered Victorian lace panel, pearls, cream and red seed beads. A large resin skull is centrally placed below an original brass crest. Two military crowns sit at the top of the neckpiece which is tied with a tea-dyed tape. It is sold with its own calico pouch trimmed with an individual lace motif. All neckpieces are entirely hand stitched and backed with silk or softest cotton.
Being cloth based, necklaces are soft and comfortable to wear. They can be worn as a statement piece or to enhance and decorate other clothing, becoming an intergral part of what you are wearing. SOLD